Jeju in Summer (Part 2)

You can find part one here. These are the places I went to on my third and last day in Jeju:

1. Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연폭포 Cheonjiyeon Peokpo)

Recommended for elders and children (compared to Jeongbang, the next waterfall) because the walkway to the falls is paved and is a nice flat stroll. 2000 KRW entrance fee for adults, 1000 KRW for youths and children below 25 years old. To get there from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 516 heading to Seogwipo City and get off at the last stop. From there, take a taxi to Cheonjiyeon Falls (3-4 minute ride).


Bahasa Indonesia translation: Air terjun ini saya rekomendasikan untuk orang tua dan anak-anak dibandingkan Air terjun Jombang karena jalanan ke air terjunnya lumayan datar dan mudah dijalani. Harga tiket masuk: 2000 KRW untuk orang dewasa dan 1000 KRW untuk anak muda di bawah umur 25 tahun. Untuk ke sana, kalian bisa naik bus 516 dari Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal ke Kota Seogwipo, stop terakhir bus 516 (perjalanan sekitar 1.5 jam) dan naik taxi dari sana selama sekita 3-4 menit.

2. Jeongbang Falls (정방폭포 Jeongbang Peokpo)

The walk to the falls is a few flights down and you have to go step on a lot of rocks before being able to get a good photo, as such it is not recommended for elders and children (unless they can be carried, maybe). But in my opinion, this waterfall is also more beautiful than Cheonjiyeon Falls. Definitely go to this one if you are still physically capable 🙂 2000 KRW entrance fee for adults, 1000 KRW for youths and children below 25 years old. From Jeju Airport, take Limousine Bus No. 600 and get off at Paradise Hotel. Walk for 5 min following the signs to Jeongbangpokpo Waterfall. Alternatively, take an intercity bus from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal No. 780 or 730 to Seogwipo-si and get off at Dongmun Rotary (roundabout).


The rocks you will need to go through to get to the falls (Bebatuan yang perlu dilewati)

Bahasa Indonesia translation: Jalanan menuju air terjun yang ini lebih susah dibandingkan dengan jalanan ke Air terjun Cheonjiyeon karena harus melalui banyak anak tangga dan bebatuan. Tetapi menurut saya, air terjun yang ini lebih bagus daripada Cheonjiyeon. Kalau kamu bisa melalui jalanan berbatu besar-besar, pastikan kamu datang ke air terjun yang satu ini! Harga tiket masuk sama dengan Cheonjiyeon. Untuk kesini, kamu bisa naik bus 600 dari Bandara Internasional Jeju dan turun di Paradise Hotel lalu jalan selama 5 menit. Atau, bisa juga naik bus 780 / 730 dari Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal dan turun di Dongmun Rotary.

3. Cafe De Soyeon or Soyeon’s House (서연의 집)

A cafe beside the sea that was used as a set for a popular Korean Movie, Architecture 101 starred by Han Ga In, Um Tae Woong and Suzy. The best way to get here is by taxi as it is very far from the bus stop. Be prepared to not be able to get a taxi out of the place too.


The Cafe from the Outside (Tampak Luar Cafe)

Bahasa Indonesia translation: Cafe ini terkenal karena pemandangan lautnya dan karena cafe ini dijadikan set untuk film korea terkenal, Architecture 101 yang di bintangi oleh Han Ga In, Um Tae Woong dan Suzy. Untuk ke cafe ini, saya sarakan kamu naik taxi karena sangat jauh dari bus stop.

4. Soesokkak Estuary (쇠소깍)

A place where you can do some water sports. We took a ride on a transparent kayak and the surroundings were beautiful. It costs 15000 KRW for a boat for 2 people for 20 minutes. Be sure to come early because slots run out fast! We came at 11.30AM and got the last slot, 6.40PM. From Jeju International Airport, take Limousine Bus 600 to KAL Hotel (the last stop) and from the bus stop, take a taxi to Soesokkak Estuary (쇠소깍, 10-15min).


Bahasa Indonesia translation: Di sini kamu bisa naik kayak yang transparan dan melihat pemandangan indah sambil mendayung. Harga aktivitas ini: 15000 KRW untuk 1 kayak untuk 2 orang dewasa selama 20 menit. Pastikan kamu datang awal karena saya datang pukul 11.30 pagi dan saya hanya bisa naik kayak yang jam 6.40 Sore (waktu terakhir sebelum mereka tutup). Untuk kesana, kamu bisa naik bus 600 dari Bandara Jeju ke bus stop yang terakhir, KAL Hotel dan naik taxi ke Soesokkak.

5. Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) (용두암)

It’s a view of Jeju sea near to the old town of Jeju. The rock is supposed to resemble a dragon head, hence the name, but it did not look very significant to me. Only go here if you have time. There’s also a park nearby that you can stroll in.

Bahasa Indonesia translation: Disini kamu bisa melihat pemandangan laut dekat kota Jeju. Bebatuan disini seharusnya menyerupai kepala naga tetapi menurut saya, hal ini tidak terlalu menonjol. Saya sarankan kamu cuma kesini kalau ada waktu senggang di Jeju. Dekat sini juga ada taman kecil untuk jalan-jalan.

6. Dongmun Market (동문재래시장)

Another traditional market to visit in Jeju besides the 5-day market is this Dongmun Market. This market is definitely larger in area than the 5-day market and it is open all the times. Try out some peanut ice cream for 4000KRW and Crab Croquet when you are there! There is also a famous Deokbokki place there but I did not get a chance to eat it this time, maybe next time! To get here, take the bus No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, or 17 and get off at Dongmun Traditional Market Bus Stop (about 20-min from Jeju International Airport).


Bahasa Indonesia translation: Selain pasar 5 hari, kamu juga bisa ke Dongmun Market untuk menyaksikan pasar tradisional Jeju. Pasar ini selalu buka. Disini, kamu bisa mencoba ice cream rasa kacang dan kroket kepiting. Ada juga Deokpokki yang terkenal disini. Untuk ke pasar Dongmun, kamu bisa naik bus No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, or 17 dan turun di Dongmun Traditional Market Bus Stop, sekitar 20 menit dari Bandara Udara Jeju.

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