Favourite Places to Eat in Sinchon (Part 2)

If you haven’t read it, the first part of this post can be found here. Here’s a continuation of the places you should try in Sinchon Area, Seoul.

Cochon Tonkatsu 꼬숑 돈까스


Cochon Tonkatsu is the cheapest place you can find in Sinchon selling Tonkatsu (Deep fried breaded pork cutlet, Japanese style). It’s only 3000 KRW for the full set 😮 plus, it’s very legit! Just look at the photo below.


The only thing is that this place can be rather hard to find because it is in the back alley. I guess good things are worth finding 😉

Sosinisso 소신이쏘

This is a place in Sinchon that sells 갈비찜 Kalbi-jjim, a korean style braised ribs. It’s spicy, but it’s very delicious which explains this restaurant’s popularity. This place is similar to Dakhanmari (mentioned in the first part of this post) in a sense that you order in terms of how many people will be sharing the dish. There are 2 types of Kalbi-jjim you can order: the spicy one (매운소갈비찜) or the cream one (크림소갈비찜) with the price of 13500 KRW and 14000 KRW per person respectively.


The dish is served on a portable stove and then left to finish cooking in front of you!

Due to its popularity, you will most likely encounter a queue if you don’t come early. Just look at the picture below (at 7.30PM). They are open 12.00PM – 10.30PM daily.


Homilbad 호밀밭

Okay, this really isn’t a place to get a proper meal since it’s a Bingsu place but this is one of the simplest, yet the best bingsu I’ve had in Korea (and cheapest)! I heard that when they first opened, the queue was so long it went all the way up the small hill next to the store.


Homilbad only sells red bean traditional bingsu although there are some variety of flavors that you can try. They sell the original flavor (milk, 5500 KRW), green tea (6500 KRW), strawberry (seasonal, 8000 KRW) and a few other flavors.

Whatever you decide to order, it will come in 2 bowls: the bowl of ice and the bowl of red bean with mochi. You can it it by creating a crater in the middle of the ice mountain and then pouring the red bean and mochi into that crater. Then eat it by mixing the ice with some red bean, yummy!!

The store closes every Tuesday and is open from 12.30PM to 10.ooPM on other days. The map below shows where it is located at roughly but don’t rely on Google maps (the street view of this area was last updated in 2009 :o). The store is located at the main road and not the alley so it should be easy to spot.

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