Staying Overnight in a Jjimjilbang in Seoul

At the start of my exchange journey last year, I decided to to stay in one of Korea’s public bath and sauna houses (a.k.a. jjimjilbang) for a night. Most people visit a jjimjilbang for an authentic Korean spa experience, but few would consider staying there overnight.

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cafes in seoul

7 Instagramworthy Cafes in Seoul to Beat the Summer Heat

The heat  in Seoul during summer is no joke! On some days, it can reach to 35 degrees celsius and what better way to escape the heat than to enjoy a cup of Ice Caffe Latte in a cool cafe. Here are the 7 instagramworthy cafes in Seoul where our camera shutters could not stop clicking!

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Explore Rural Korea: Asan Oeam Folk Village

So this is a very overdue post that I was supposed to finish last fall.. after sitting in my drafts for almost 5 months, I finally finished writing it!

After exploring Cheongyang and Pyeongchang using the FREE Explore Rural Korea bus, I joined the Asan Oeam Folk Village tour on the third day of my day-trip frenzy. Go to the Cheongyang post if you would like to know how to utilize the free shuttle service that will take you to Asan.

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