3D2N Geoje Tongyeong Itinerary (Part 1)

Geoje and Tongyeong are two island towns in the southern tip of Korea that is rarely visited by foreign tourists due to its inaccessibility. While we were in Busan for summer school last July, we took the opportunity and did a road trip down to these two gorgeous destinations.

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Explore Rural Korea: Asan Oeam Folk Village

So this is a very overdue post that I was supposed to finish last fall.. after sitting in my drafts for almost 5 months, I finally finished writing it!

After exploring Cheongyang and Pyeongchang using the FREE Explore Rural Korea bus, I joined the Asan Oeam Folk Village tour on the third day of my day-trip frenzy. Go to the Cheongyang post if you would like to know how to utilize the free shuttle service that willย take you to Asan.

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