Explore Rural Korea: Asan Oeam Folk Village

So this is a very overdue post that I was supposed to finish last fall.. after sitting in my drafts for almost 5 months, I finally finished writing it!

After exploring Cheongyang and Pyeongchang using the FREE Explore Rural Korea bus, I joined the Asan Oeam Folk Village tour on the third day of my day-trip frenzy. Go to the Cheongyang post if you would like to know how to utilize the free shuttle service that willΒ take you to Asan.

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Ski at Alpensia Resort Pyeongchang

Hey guys, I’m back. Haven’t been posting for a while for several reasons (final exams, paper submissions, trips on the weekends, several farewells) but I’m back~

I’ve been wanting to try snow sports and I finally had the chance to go with Wow Korea Supporters a few weekends ago! We went to Pyeongchang, the place where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held, and skied at Alpensia Resort (well.. actually I snowboarded, not ski).

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