Yonsei Exchange Module Review (Part 2)

Apart from the 3 classes that I shared in my previous post, I took 3 additional business classes during my exchange semester in Yonsei University.

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Yonsei Classes Guest Review (Part 3)

This time round, I got a friend of mine, Koulla Solomontos from the United Kingdom (UK) to share her views about the classes she took last semester. She is from the University of Hertfordshire and majored in Humanities but she got to take a few cool classes in Yonsei (we shared one common class, Korean Language and Society class).

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Yonsei Exchange Timetable Planning Tips

If you are going to Yonsei as an exchange student and you are anxious about timetable planning, it happened to me too. The only thing I knew before I went for exchange was that I can look through this portal to find what classes were offered in the previous semesters and the upcoming one. So here are the other things I learned about timetable planning in Yonsei University from my experience:

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Yonkojeon (연고전) 2016

One of the highlights of my exchange in Yonsei University.

Yonkojeon is a sport and cheering festival between two huge rival schools in Korea, Yonsei University and Korea University (KU) that happens every September, usually after Chuseok holiday. Some of my Korean friends told me that the rivalry between the schools is so strong that even in the workplace, Yonsei and KU alumni still talk about the rivalry. In fact, in KU, Yonkojeon is called Koyeonjeon.

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Alien Registration Card (ARC) for D-2 Visa

This will be the hardest administrative task for most exchange students in Korea. I don’t understand why they made the process so hard for foreigners but oh well.. if you are going to be in Korea for more than 90 days, brace yourself cos you have to go through it.

The ARC has similar functions to Singapore’s Student Pass (Green Card NRIC). It allows you to sign up for a phone line, make memberships in cosmetic stores 😉 and more importantly, travel out of Korea and get back in without being deported for not having a valid visa (Your student visa is only a single-entry visa).

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